Our brand

Our brand

BeeeTú is a brand that is inspired by the imaginative world of two small children, Sara and Max. Their mother (graphic designer) translated these ideas into original very fresh, bright and cheerful designs.

One day, Sara had the idea to attach toys to her clothes, the concept: ¨clothing to play with¨ was born. Max came up with the name BeeeTú. Max was pretty impressed by a goat’s bleating: ¨Beee Beee Beee¨. When he was a safe distance away from the goat, he turned around, looked at the goat, shouted "BeeeTú!" and ran away (Tú means YOU in Spanish). It was so funny!! And this is exactly how our clothes are meant to be. Funny and a bit cheeky, always with a smile.

The clothes are brightly coloured and there is always a Play factor. The T-shirts have toys fitted with Velcro. Kids can create their own look by changing the BeeeTú, or just play with it. We have skirts with a window where kids can put the BeeeTú.

Have you ever seen a submarine flying or a car driving under water? Everything is possible, imagination is the limit.

BeeeTú, Clothing to play with

BeeeTú® is designed and created by: Orange-Gil FRESH design solutions

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